Our Services

If you are handling short sale negotiations in house, banks may not be reimbursing you for all of the time you and your staff spend.  Banks do allow payment to you and to a Short Sale Negotiator. 

Putting the negotiation in our hands, saves you time and increases your staff’s efficiency.

Let our experienced short sale negotiators help manage your clients and you will:

• Enable you and your staff to have more time to better serve your customer needs.
• Better understand the criteria that leads to reaching a successful closing.
• Assist and guide your clients out of mortgage default.
• Offer pre-foreclosure sellers a viable solution.
• Collect attorneys’ fees at closing.
• Collect real estate commissions at closing.

Streamline the path to closing.

Converting any short sale transactions to closing is difficult and time-consuming. Our experts have over 30 years of experience and are trained and skilled in efficiently and effectively bridging relationships with lenders, attorneys, sellers, buyers and realtors.

Our unique negotiator/title insurance partnership offers even more value:

• Real-time information on the status of your closing via our exclusive short sale closing site.
• Accurate HUD-1 figures provided to the short-sale lender.
• A Fox Title closing that is efficient, fast, accurate and hassle free.
• Never a surprise when you use, Fox Short Sale Negotiators.

Please feel free to contact Fox Short Sale Negotiators if you need additional information or would like to discuss your situation.  –  Click here